‘Wedding of the century’ Lee Byung Hun – Lee Min Jung, the heat of the interview gets beyond the imagination

The heat of attempting to interview the wedding of the actors Lee Byung-Hun and Lee Min-Jung is very intense.

It is known that for the interview of Lee Byung-Hun and Lee Min-Jung who are having wedding in Grand Hayatt Hotel in Seoul on 6:00 PM on coming 10th, the media got in touch in advance alone are more than 100. This includes not only Korean media but also the media from Japan, China and USA, and the interviewers alone are more than 200. Especially, like the wedding of century, not to mention the top stars who are close to those two, but also the well-known people from politics and economics will be attending, so it is expected that it will be much more than the red carpet of general ceremony.

Meanwhile, it is known that among the busy moments of publicizing movie and preparing for shooting next work, Lee Byung-Hun has discussed the preparation for the wedding and things about the household of newly married with Lee Min-Jung, showing himself as a devoted husband.

Source : Innolife 


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