“We will live life the fullest appreciating the simple things.” Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung said in the press conference.

Actor Lee Byung-hun and actress Lee Min-jung revealed details of their future plans at the press conference at 3pm on August 10 before their wedding. They will tie the knot at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul at the same day. “I had to prepare thoroughly because marriage is a major event in my life. But there was not enough time due to the promotion of the film, ‘Red 2′ and preparation for my next movie. I’m really sorry to some people, whom I forgot to send invitations. We will live life the fullest as actors as always after marriage.” Lee Byeong-hun told the reporters.

“It hasn’t really sunk in to be honest.” (by Lee Byung-hun), “I feel like I’m attending a production press conference for my new TV drama series. I don’t realize my wedding yet. (by Lee Min-jung)”, “We haven’t talked about how many kids should we have but whatever the number will be, we will raise our children with love.” He added. Their income-earnings is to be managed by each. “Because I’m really bad at that stuff, I need to ask Min-jung for some advice about management of money and I will have help from her.”

The couple were quizzed on their plan about life as actors. ” I will begin a new life today but my life as a actor will not be changed at all. I will try to grapple with my performance and so will Min-jung.” he added.

She also agreed with his opinion. “He never mix business with pleasure. I will ask some advices when I choose my next project. Husband is likely to change a lot of my priorities when I pick out my work while I used to talk to my family, friends and management agency.” She added.

At the conclusion of the press conference, they told the reporters that they will live happily ever after appreciating the simple things and going through both big joys and sorrows.

Meanwhile, the wedding will be held at 6pm on August 10 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul as a private event. Senior actor Shing Young-gyun is to officiate the wedding. And the event will be hosted as two part by actor Lee Bum-soo and comedian Shin Dong-yup each. Top singers, Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park), Kim Bum-soo, Park Sun-joo and Dynamic Duo are to sing a song to celebrate the couple’s wedding.

They are planning to honeymoon on August 12 and set up their home at Lee Byeong-hun’s house.

Source : Koreandrama


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