Lee Min jung to release additional images from her wedding pictorial with ELLE magazine

Min Jung_Elle Korea

One of the hottest celebrity couple, actress Lee Min jung and Lee Byung hun got married on August 10, and the happy couple’s wedding pictorial was released online.

With fashion magazine ELLE, actress Lee Min jung revealed her wedding pictorial and behind stories from her wedding. Previously, Lee’s image of wearing a mini dress was released and it had become an issue on internet. With ELLE, she released additional pictorial.

From the additional pictorial, Lee is wearing a beautiful wedding gown and a veil. On top of her she is holding a crown. She looks like a princess in her pictorial.

Also from the interview, Lee talked about her marriage with actor Lee Byung hun. ELLE asked if she feels she met a husband and actor who can give advises for her and Lee answered “As an actor, I have lot to learn from him.”

She also talked about her episode of marriage proposal. After reading Lee Byung hun’s interview from August issue of ELLE that he does not understand why he have to make a proposal, she wasn’t happy. However, she did receive heart warming proposal infront of her family members. “I could feel his sincere thoughts and feelings. I couldn’t help myself from crying.”

On ELLE magazine, Lee Min jung’s friends and Lee Byung hun’s side of stories will be on. Lee Min jung’s special wedding pictorial and full length of wedding episode will be on September issue of ELLE magazine.

Source : BNT News

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