Lee Min Jung was moved to tears by Lee Byung Hun’s wedding proposal

Elle kr

Lee Min Jung recently revealed her wedding photos through fashion magazine ‘ELLE’, and also spoke in the accompanying interview, on how her husband Lee Byung Hun had proposed to her.

When asked if her husband would also be the guiding light in her future life, Lee Min Jung answered, “As a senior in acting, Lee Byung Hun is an excellent role model, so that’s my thinking.”

She added, “Lee Byung Hun once said in an interview that, “are wedding proposals really a necessity?” I was pretty downcast after hearing that, but I was touched when he later proposed to me in an elaborate manner. At a gathering of family members, Lee Byung Hun prepared a video that he had done up painstakingly. I could feel his sincerity, and was moved to tears by his gesture.”

Meanwhile, the September issue of ‘ELLE’ will also be revealing stories behind the scenes of Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun’s wedding.

Source : KpopFighting


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