Lee Min Jung Talks About Lee Byung Hun and Her Wedding

Elle kr

Lee Min Jung revealed more about her marriage along with a wedding shoot.

After releasing a cut of her in a stunning wedding dress, Elle released more photos from the same spread of the lovely couple.

Lee Min Jung talked about her husband in the interview attached to the spread.

When asked whether she believes she got not only a husband but also a mentor, she answered, “Lee Byung Hun is a great senior to look up to, so yes I do feel that way.”

She also talked about how she felt about Lee Byung Hun′s big proposal.

“I was a bit annoyed when Lee Byung Hun said in an interview with the August issue of Elle that he didn′t understand why we need a proposal, but I was touched at the one he prepared,” she said.

Lee Byung Hun played a special video for his proposal after getting their families together.

The actress added, “I couldn′t help but show tears because I could really feel how sincere he was.”

The September issue of Elle also talks about Lee Min Jung′s wedding styles with stylist Ahn Mi Kyung.

Source : Enewsworld


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