Lee Min Jung Says Lee Hyori is Her Character’s Role Model


Lee Min Jung revealed in a roundabout way that the role model for her character is Lee Hyori at the press conference for the film Wonderful Radio, held on December 6 in Seoul.


Lee first said, “I thought because of the setting of the film, it would be good to have a girl group as a role model,” and added, “The director advised that I should think of S.E.S or Fin.K.L.”

Cultwo, the MCs of the conference, then asked Lee which girl group member she thought of the most, and she answered, “I like Hyori the most.”

Her vague answer probably came from the fact that her role in Wonderful Radio is a woman who used to be a beloved idol group member but is now just a washed-up ordinary singer, which we know Lee Hyori isn’t. The film revolves around how the woman, named Shin Jin Ah, starts to host a radio program which is about to be taken off-air and fights to raise its listener ratings.

Wonderful Radio will premiere in January 2012.

Source : Enews


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