New Trend of Stars Announcing Weddings Through Social Networking Sites

Recently, stars like Park Jin Young, Ji Sung, and Lee Byung Hun talked about their weddings on social networking sites. Is this a new trend?

Before, stars would predominantly announce their weddings through agencies, but lately the trend has changed. It seems like they want to be more vocal and direct, so stars are making announcements more personally through handwritten letters and social networking sites.

Singer and producer Park Jin Young announced his wedding on September 16 using this method – through his own social networking site. He wrote, “There is a special person that inspired me to write the song ‘You’re the One.’ She is a non-celebrity woman who is 9 years younger than me. Although we felt something upon first sight, there were some problems because she wanted to lead a normal, non-celebrity life. However after a long time passed, we had a lot of time to talk to each other, and we finally gained the necessary trust and confidence to pursue a relationship. She finally accepted my proposal, and we decided to get married on October 10.”

In the same way, Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young also personally announced their wedding. Lee Bo Young uploaded a handwritten letter onto her official fan café, which read, “I’m getting married on September 27. You will congratulate me, won’t you? I thought it wouldn’t be proper etiquette to reveal our wedding through public news to all the fans that have always loved us, so I decided to let you know here first.” Similarly, Ji Sung used the same method to upload onto his own fan café, “I can’t explain this trembling heart, and I’m sure it goes the same for anyone that’s about to get married, right? Even with these few words I’m so nervous. I had to rewrite so many copies of the same thing because I kept crumpling up the sheets of paper. I am very nervous and excited” and revealed his feelings.

There have been other couples who revealed their feelings through social networking sites after the wedding announcement was made through media. Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, who got married last month, announced their wedding date back in June. After their wedding announcement was published, Lee Byung Hun wrote on his fan café, “I’ve crossed paths with the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, someone who is my best friend and colleague, Lee Min Jung. We will be getting married on August 10. Following our official announcement, many people were surprised and have even already congratulated us. I’m sure you, my fans, were all surprised at this news, too. However, this won’t affect my personal work, and I will continue to produce great projects as the actor Lee Byung Hun” and expressed his feelings about this life event.

Source : Kpopstarz


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