From Lee Min Jung to Lee Bo Young, Celebrity Wedding Makeup Look

There has been many celebrity wedding news in 2013.

Top star Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s wedding ceremony was as luxurious and glamorous as their look, and Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young also revealed their beautiful wedding pictorial, which became the hottest issue among online community.

For it is a-once-in-a-lifetime event, brides and grooms try hard to make it perfect. Women especially want to be the most beautiful girl at their wedding so look for the perfect wedding dress and special makeup, which maximizes their beauty.

Makeup artists who did wedding makeup for Lee Min Jung and Lee Bo Young have got much attention. Let’s learn some tips from them.

Lee Min Jung: Pure and Natural Wedding Makeup

“To create a clear, flawless skin look, apply a small amount of foundation evenly onto your face. Make your only T-zone area smoother and powdery with a makeup pact. Lee Min Jung created a naturally glowing makeup look. She also gave a hint of color to her lip.” By Director of Jenny House, Oh Yoon Hee

Lee Min Jung’s big beautiful eyes were more shining at the wedding than ever. Her skin naturally glowed inside of the white bridal veil.

Lee Bo Young: Romantic Pink Wedding Makeup

“I accentuated her pure, luxurious image. I added a touch of sweet color to her lips for the interview. I minimized the use of color and emphasized elegant, glamorous image.” By Director of MAYN, Jeon Mi Yeon

Pink lips, beautiful facial feature, and tidy eyebrows, and clear skin. Her naturally glowing skin completed her glamorous wedding look.

■ Best Items for Naturally Glowing Bridal Makeup

It is the primary step to fully moisturize your skin. Supply the right ratio of moisture and nutrition to your skin. Use a rich facial essence that contains good ingredients. If you want to have a healthy, glowing skin at your wedding, perfect skincare and deep sleep are mandatory.

-SKINFOOD Black Pomegranate Voluming Serum
-Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher
-NATURE REPUBLIC Argan 20° Real Ampoule
-Sulwhasoo Evenfair Smoothing Makeup Base

Source : BNT News


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