Lee Byung Hun-Lee Min Jung, ‘short good-byes’: February in the States for “G.I. Joe 3”

Actor Lee Byung Hun will depart in February to the States for the filming of the 3rd live-action movie of the G.I Joe series.

Filming is planned for April-July but LBH is going early to prepare for the action scenes and English.

LBH is currently filming the movie “Hyupyeo: The Memories of the Sword”. When the movie gets crank-up in this month, LBH will take a short rest and be on plane to the States. BH’s agency said “Appearance on 3rd movie is already a done deal. We don’t have firm schedule but G.I.Joe 3, which is in pre-production right now will start filming in April. However, he’s planning to go in February.”

Actress Lee Min Jung will start shooting MBC new Wed/Thu mini series “The Cunning Single Woman” this month. It’s said that because this is the first return project for LMJ after the wedding, she is very serious about the project.

The couple will not have much time to be together until April when the mini series ends.

Source : EverythingLBH.com


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