Behind cuts of Lee Min Jung from the first shooting of ‘Ambitious Single’ unleashed

single lady

On February 6th, the production team of new MBC drama, ‘Ambitious Single’, released behind cuts of Lee Min Jung from the first shooting.

The photos were taken from a scene where Na Ae Ra(Lee Min Jung) getting a phone call from her husband, Cha Jung Woo(Joo Sang Wook), while chatting wither her friends. Lee Min Jung is showing a lovely look with a long hair style, and a great number of fans are showing enthusiastic welcome for her comeack.

The first shooting took place on February 28th at a café that is located in Chungpa-dong, Seoul. Lee Min Jung appeared at the shooting set with a bright smile, and went around to say hello to each staffs.

Lee Min Jung had to wear short sleeved top, because the setting of the drama is summer. However, Lee Min Jung never lost her bright smile, and deeply impressed all of the staffs by showing an amazing concentration to her parts.

Lee Min Jung also looked very excited to return to drama. She went through thorough discussions with production director Go Dong Sun, and never missed monitoring herself after each shots. When she was not satisfied, she volunteered herself for another take.

After the first shooting, Lee Min Jung said, “Na Ae Ra might look a bit foxy at first, but she is a very good natured girl. I really loved how she goes through a series of troubles without losing her energy.”

She went on, “I hope people would think about what love and marriage really means while watching this drama. I will do my best so that this drama would remain in many people’s memory for a long time.”

Meanwhile, ‘Ambitious Single’ will premiere in late February as the sequel of ‘Miss Korea’.

Source : Star N News


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