Lee Min Jung “My husband Lee Byung Hun, he cheered me to enjoy work”


Actress Lee Min-Jung mentioned about her husband Lee Byung-Hun.

Lee Min-Jung attended the production presentation of ‘Cunning Single Lady’, MBC new Wednesday-Thursday drama at Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu on 24th.

Lee Min-Jung said about Lee Byung-Hun as an actor, “I don’t know him in detail because I have never worked with him, but I heard that he is very meticulous in scenes. He analyzes character specifically, and sings into the work. His effort is imitable.

Married on August last year, she mentioned about her cheers of the husband. Lee Min-Jung said, “Lee Byung-Hun asked little about the drama, but he asked if the drama is interesting. He cheered me that he wishes me to enjoy the work. I was depressed about starting on Thursday, but he said that it can bother me but efforts can make good result.”

Lee Min-Jung also said that she can express more emotions after the marriage. Lee Min-Jung said, “I don’t know how it will be applied to the work, but I feel many things after the marriage. It is said that woman who delivered baby has emotions ten times as large as before. I do not have a baby yet but I think I can feel more emotions than my maiden time.

‘Cunning Single Lady’ will be aired on 27th, following ‘Miss Korea’.

Source : Innolife Korea


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