Joo Sang Wook, Chemistry is 90 Points With Lee Min Jung


Actor Joo Sang Wook talked about Lee Min Jung with whom he worked in “Cunning Single Lady.”

On May 12th at a restaurant In Shinsadong, Kangnam-gu in Seoul, Joo Sang Wook met with reporters. In this meeting, he said, “I met Lee Min Jung eight years ago in a piece called “Kkak Doo GI” and I have been friends with her since then. So I was able to act freely from then on” he said.

Joo Sang Wook said, “Because it was Min Jung’s first piece after getting married, I think she felt pressured to do well and was burdened. She felt burdened that the ratings needed to get better from the previous piece but nonetheless, she participated in the acting in a fun way. I think we collaborated well” he said.

Moreover, he said, “If I were to rate our chemistry, I think I would give it high scores. Around a 90. Min Jung is so pretty, right?” he added.

In the MBC drama that ended last month, “Cunning Single Lady”, Joo Sang Wook plays the role of the D&T Soft Benchers President and Executive and plays the role of Cha Jung Woo who falls In love with his ex-wife Na Ae Ra (played by Lee Min Jung).

Source : Kdramastars


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