Lee Min Jung Talks About Married Life

It has been almost a year since actress Lee Min Jung married actor Lee Byung Hun in a star-studded wedding. But apparently the honeymoon is not over.

When Lee, who was last seen in “Cunning Single Lady,” appeared on SBS “TV News At Night,” she spoke glowingly about her husband, who is now considered an international star.

“He’s a great husband,” she said. “I told him I had an interview today and he said to say a lot of good things about him. He told me not to say the bad things.”

The actors and producers Lee Byung Hun worked with in the Hollywood films “Red 2” and “G.I. Joe Retaliation,” as well the Korean film “Memories of the Sword,” only said good things about him too. Next he will appear in the Hollywood film “Terminator: Genesis” and the Korean film “The Insiders.”

Lee Min Jung confessed that before she married she worried about how different her life might be.

“My mother is no longer taking care of me, so being married is like living in a different place,” she said. “I thought the world would change. I worried because I didn’t know what being married was going to be like. But it’s not that different. There’s no reason to be scared.”

Earlier in the year when she was on “Entertainment Relay,” she confessed that she makes a big breakfast for her husband whenever his schedule permits. That’s one of the biggest changes in her life since her mother used to cook breakfast for her.

Lee Byung Hun, 44, and Lee Min Jung, 32, met in 2006 on a modeling job. They dated for a while but broke up because they were in very different places in their careers. But they met again a few years later and decided to give their relationship another chance. The second time they dated, things worked out and they decided to marry.

What attracted him to her? Lee Min Jung, who appeared in the dramas “Midas” and “Big,” is certainly beautiful, but he says it’s more than that.

“She is beautiful but looks don’t last too long,” said Lee Byung Hun. “Having something in common is very important in a relationship. We have a lot in common, we actually never stop talking; we have so many things to share. Even though we have a big age gap, she is very mature and understands the emotions experienced by someone my age.”

The couple married in August 2013 at one of the year’s most lavish and expensive weddings. Dozens of celebrities attended.

Lee Min Jung says she still remembers every detail.

Source : Kdramastars


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