Lee Min Jung gorgeous face makes her model ‘gold’

Vincis Bench_LMJ1

Lee Min Jung is considered one of the most attractive women in South Korean film and also one of the best actresses. Thus whenever she endorses a product a considerable amount of attention is directed toward it and this is definitely the situation surrounding her modelling for the luxurious clothing brand VINCISBENCH.

The company used the appeal of Lee Min Jung’s gorgeous facial features and her stylish fashion fashion sense to create what they feel were ‘luxurious and calm pictorials” that they are very confident will appeal to customers. For some of Lee Min Jung’s fans this was not a difficult decision because she is renowned as having one of the most elegant and beautiful faces in South Korea.

Her facial appearance has been attracting and intoxicating fans throughout her career and it also has another major fan, her husband of one year, international acting star Lee Byung Hun. He admitted that her physical appearance was part of the attraction to her but what made her so overwhelmingly attractive to him is her personality and maturity which led to them talking together for hours.

She admitted in interviews that initially she was scared of getting married because it meant that her mother would no longer be taking care of her but she quickly learned that there was no reason to be scared.

One of the biggest changes for her was that she was finding herself wanting to cook for someone instead of someone cooking for her as her mother used to cook her breakfast but now, when her schedule permits, she cooks a big breakfast for him.

Her actions suggest that she has found the man of her dreams and she confirmed this view when she recently revealed in an interview that she feels that she has a “great husband”.

For Lee Min Jung the honeymoon is not over as she is enjoying being married and considering her comments about what she is doing for her husband, he is a very lucky man and is likely the envy of many men throughout South Korea.

Source : Fan Share


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