‘Lee Min Jung’ beautiful, goddess look in most recent pictorials taken in Milano

Actress Lee Min Jung, who came back withgraceful and mysterious image, unveiled her Milano pictorials.

Through the September number of fashion magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’, Lee Min Jung showed her ‘Vincis-Bench’ pictorials which were taken at a beautiful mansion in the city of fashion and art: Milano.

Lee Min Jung is grabbing people’s attentions by participating in total fashion general good brand, ‘Vincis-Bench’s’,2014 F/W Season new design line ‘Bologna’. Currently, she is the muse of the brand.

Lee Min Jung showed off her charms bywearing simple achromatic color tailored look with bags of vivid color orstrong silhouette or by wearing a goddess fashion of white dress with simpleblack clutch. She also showed her haughty charms with modern styles.

Lee Min Jung participated in every processfrom sketches to material development during this collaboration. She said, “Ifeel like a high school student waiting for a college entrance exam. I looked at people’s bags whenever I go outside. It felt like I became a real designer.”

Source : Kofan


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