Bride-to-be So Yi Hyun vs Newlywed Bride Lee Min Jung

Section TV

Recently, So Yi Hyun and Lee Min Jung were caught wearing same dress, capturing people’s attention.

So Yi Hyun has been working as a main MC of MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News.’ In recent episode, So captivated the eyes of audiences in a white dress that has colorful flower pattern, flaunting her innocent and fresh charms.

On the other hand, Lee Min Jung was starred in MBC’s drama series ‘Cunning Single Lady.’ In the drama, Lee Min Jung once wore a white dress with khaki jacket, creating a stylish mix-match look. Lee effectively utilized the feminine and bright image that white dress provides.

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Joo Sang Wook, Chemistry is 90 Points With Lee Min Jung


Actor Joo Sang Wook talked about Lee Min Jung with whom he worked in “Cunning Single Lady.”

On May 12th at a restaurant In Shinsadong, Kangnam-gu in Seoul, Joo Sang Wook met with reporters. In this meeting, he said, “I met Lee Min Jung eight years ago in a piece called “Kkak Doo GI” and I have been friends with her since then. So I was able to act freely from then on” he said.

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Lee Min Jung on Acting After Marriage and Her New Drama “Cunning Single Lady”

LMJ_Press Con

Actress Lee Min Jung talked about what’s different with acting after marriage, taking on her first drama since her marriage to actor Lee Byung Hun last August.

On February 24, she attended the press conference for MBC’s “Cunning Single Lady” with co-stars Joo Sang Wook, Kim Gyu Ri, Seo Kang Joon, Hwang Bo Ra, L, etc. Here, Lee Min Jung, who plays the “cunning single lady,” said, “In the past I played a lot of characters who break their engagement. This time, I play someone who’s divorced. I believe that rather than dating stories, stories of marriage carry a much deeper emotion, with double the happiness or sadness. Because of that, I feel a little more affection for this drama.”

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