Lee Min Jung: “Lee Byung Hun Is a Wonderful Husband”

Actress Lee Min Jung has shared her thoughts on becoming a married woman and living together with actor Lee Byung Hun.

On the latest episode of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” the actress discussed her career as well as her reflections on the past year.

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Lee Min Jung Talks About Married Life

It has been almost a year since actress Lee Min Jung married actor Lee Byung Hun in a star-studded wedding. But apparently the honeymoon is not over.

When Lee, who was last seen in “Cunning Single Lady,” appeared on SBS “TV News At Night,” she spoke glowingly about her husband, who is now considered an international star.

“He’s a great husband,” she said. “I told him I had an interview today and he said to say a lot of good things about him. He told me not to say the bad things.”

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Lee Min Jung : “Lee Byung Hun is an amazing husband”


Actress Lee Min-jeong showed her love for husband and actor, Lee Byeong-Heon.

She was interviewed on SBS “TV News At Night” and explained, “He’s a great husband. I told him I had an interview today and he said to say a lot of good things about him. He told me not to say the bad things. I am planning on a special treat for him as it’s one of the three dog days”.

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Lee Min Jung discusses married life with Lee Byung Hun

Min Jung ah

Lee Min Jung talked about her newlywed life with Lee Byung Hun!

During an interview with “Entertainment Relay”, she was asked about her married life. She answered, “I’m spending my newlywed days well. For the first 2-3 months, there would be times I was surprised at myself. I’d be at home, and then surprise myself by thinking, ‘Oh, right, I got married’.”

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[ INTERVIEW ] Lee Min Jung : When A Woman Loves A Man

A woman fell in love after meeting a man. They promised to marry. They promised to become the most reliable ‘lighthouse’ in each other’s lives, setting sail together. Although this is an event that could happen to anyone, upon listening to Lee Min Jung’s love story, it seems like an illusion where only these two people in the whole world would promise to marry after falling in love. No matter how magnificent and grand the wedding ceremony was, no matter how loud their world became after the media spotlight shone on them, Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun’s love is just theirs alone. That’s the aspect that has people envious of this beautiful couple.

Credits / Translations : The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview / Soompi

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