Boys Over Flowers ~ Sponsor Pics


Unseen sponsorship pics of our girl from “Boys Over Flowers” era ^^

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Lee Min Jung’s Interview with Hankooki

Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung will make her first appearance on episode 13 of Boys Over Flowers. This happens to fall on her birthday, February 16. She turns 26; 27 in Korean age.

[ NOTE : This is one of her very first interviews … From 2009 ^^ ]

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Lee Min Jung: ‘I Want to Become Actress whom People Can Trust’


Lee Min Jung is taking on the role of a female protagonist for the first time in the movie “Cyrano Agency.”

Lee said, “I had drawn people’s interest just because I newly shown up in front of people, but I have not shown much to people, and also I am not a star actress yet. I think that I can call myself a star actress when people can say, ‘Any work in which Lee Min Jung appears is worth watching.'”

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[10 ASIA INTERVIEW] Actress Lee Min Jung ~ Part 2

10: But aren’t you able to use what you watched back then in your acting now?
Lee: An actor can’t experience everything so I think it’s a positive thing to see what you’ve imagined through books in more detail. It’s the same with watching other people’s acting or a theater performance. So I tended to put in an effort to do as a large variety of this as possible. In middle school, I liked to listen to music so saving up the allowance my mom gives me to buy one or two CDs was the moment I waited for the most. A lot of the music I heard back then is left in my memory but after becoming able to download music or buy several CDs at once now, I just pass the music I don’t like. Before I used to listen to a CD on my CD player until I buy a new album. I think such experiences are good.

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