131120 “11:00 AM” VIP Premiere ~ Press Pics

AM 11.00 Vip Premiere_LMJ

Another public appearance?  YES YES YES!!! And this time … a VIP Premiere!!!

Kim Hyun Seok and Daniel Choi – director and male lead of Cyrano Agency –  team up again for the suspense movie 11:00 AM and of course our goddess was there to support her close friend Daniel and Kim PD … such a loyal girl  ♥

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[10 ASIA INTERVIEW] Actress Lee Min Jung ~ Part 1

10: “Cyrano Agency” is a movie which contains elements of humor throughout. You seem to have said many times that you had fun reading the script so where was it that you broke out into laughter?
Lee Min-jung: The scene where Sang-yong (played by Choi Daniel) objects to the pastor’s sermon? I thought it was really funny while reading the script when he asked for a deal, demanding the pastor end his sermon in an hour “Including the sermon, singing hymns and the words of guidance!” and the pastor responds “You win.”


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