GM DAEWOO ~ Official Pics

GM Daewoo_LMJ6

Back in 2010 – and after her success with Smile You – our girl and Jung Kyung Ho were chosen as the models of GM Daewoo Matiz =) … so we’re sharing with you a compilation of the official pics for the brand

[ NOTE :  Check a compilation of their CFs HERE ]

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A Day with Lee Min Jung on Smile, You through Selcas

Isn’t Smile You very interesting? Do you detest the spoilt Jung In (her character’s name)? In reality, I am actually very kind and well-mannered. Jung In will soon become like what I am in reality.

Lee Min Jung is widely acknowledged as a rising star in 2009 thanks to her role in KBS2TV’s Boys Before Flowers earlier in the year. Since then, she has scored several CF deals and photoshoots. In September, Lee Min Jung became the lead actress for SBS’s weekend drama, Smile, You, playing a rich and spoiled girl who goes through change forced upon by her family going bankrupt.

Let us now walk you though Lee Min Jung’s life as an actress through her selCas.


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