Lee Min Jung discusses married life with Lee Byung Hun

Min Jung ah

Lee Min Jung talked about her newlywed life with Lee Byung Hun!

During an interview with “Entertainment Relay”, she was asked about her married life. She answered, “I’m spending my newlywed days well. For the first 2-3 months, there would be times I was surprised at myself. I’d be at home, and then surprise myself by thinking, ‘Oh, right, I got married’.”

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Korea’s Most Awaited Bride-to-Be Lee Min Jung Experiencing Cold Feet?

KBS Ent Interview

Celebrity weddings are often talked about in Korean entertainment. From the planning and preparations, wedding photo shoot, and even the soon-to-be-wed couple’s feelings. Recently, actress Lee Min Jung shared her thinking about her upcoming wedding. And she reveals that she’s having a bit of jitters. Which, I guess is normal for any bride to be.

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Lee Min Jung, “Marriage beyond the imagination, have lot to think”

KBS Ent Relay

Actress Lee Min Jung expressed her feeling about the marriage with Lee Byung-Hun.

At the interview with KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Broadcast Show’ aired on 20th, Lee Min-Jung said about her late news, “The drama finished a month ago. I have been resting well.” Lee Min-Jung who will marry Lee Byung-Hun at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hannamdong, Seoul, on August 10th, expressed her nervous feeling as a bride-to-be, saying “It (Marriage) is not what I have experienced, so I am thinking a lot what should I do.”

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Lee Min Jung has cold feet before her wedding?


Lee Min Jung revealed she’s thinking a lot about her upcoming wedding.

‘Entertainment Relay’ sat down with Lee Min Jung and left the actress a little flustered with questions about her upcoming wedding. Lee Min Jung responded, “To be honest, because I’ve never been married before, I think a lot about what I should do… Thank you to all those who congratulated me.”

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