Top 5 female hallyu stars whose look barely changed over time

Most female celebrities spend tremendous time and effort on keeping their beauty. From skin care to fashion items, the range of their “beauty effort” is broad. Among those, however, some have shown off a natural beauty from a young age. The Korea Herald has listed the top five female hallyu stars who have had attractive looks since they were young.

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Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jung’s wedding ceremony, ‘Festival of Stars’

Wedding Guests

A myriad of Korea’s top stars gathered at Lee Byung Heon’s wedding ceremony.

On August 10th, Lee Byung Heon and Lee Min Jung’s wedding ceremony was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel located in Hannam-dong, Seoul.The two held a press conference prior to their wedding, and approximately 200 reporters from Korea and overseas and 500 fans gathered.

The actual wedding ceremony was not opened to the public, and approximately 900 people who received the invitation card were invited.A myriad of top stars of Korea attended the wedding ceremony, making the event a star-studded festival.

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[TENASIA PICKS] 3 Hottest Couples in 1st Half of 2013


Love is in the air. Cliche yet true for the Korean entertainment industry which during the first half of the year, saw many couples get married or engaged. A large number of celebrities also admitted to dating someone, a sight that had not been so common until more recently due to fear of the blow their careers or images might suffer.

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K-League Soccer players select Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon as #1 ideal type

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was selected as the #1 ideal type by Korean soccer players!

The K-League is a professional soccer league in South Korea and a survey on who the Soccer players ideal type was featured on the latest edition of their guidebook, ‘2013 Beautiful K-League‘.

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SNSD’s Taeyeon voted as #1 Ideal Lady by Soccer Players


On March 20, the Korean Professional Football League reported that in a survey completed by 755 soccer players in the K-league, 540 players selected Taeyeon as their ideal girl, taking in 71 percent of the votes. The majority of the players who voted Taeyeon were in their 20s.

At second and third were Kim Tae Hee and Kim Sarang. Miss A’s Suzy and Lee Min Jung placed fourth.

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