Lee Min Jung Unveils Commercial Shots Taken By VINCISBENCH


Actress Lee Min Jung unveiled some commercial shots taken by fashion brand VINCISBENCH.

Inspired by artists Giovanni Boldini and Amedo Modigliani, Vincisbench took commercial pictorials with actress Lee Min Jung. Throughout the shooting, Lee flaunted her alluring look with various items such as animal patterned handbag and plum-colored leather bag.

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Lee Min Jung Talks About Married Life

It has been almost a year since actress Lee Min Jung married actor Lee Byung Hun in a star-studded wedding. But apparently the honeymoon is not over.

When Lee, who was last seen in “Cunning Single Lady,” appeared on SBS “TV News At Night,” she spoke glowingly about her husband, who is now considered an international star.

“He’s a great husband,” she said. “I told him I had an interview today and he said to say a lot of good things about him. He told me not to say the bad things.”

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Lee Min Jung opened an Instagram account


Lee Min Jung opened an Instagram account.

On July 4th, actress Lee Min Jung uploaded a photo on her Instagram, and wrote, “Sleepless night, and my first Instagram post. I am a dog who wants to become a cat.”

The photo shows Lee Min Jung showing a lovely look at the camera, posing like a kitty. Lee Min Jung is still showing the same beautiful look even though she is now a married woman.

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