Lee Min Jung Renews Contract With MS Team Entertainment

Lee Min Jung has decided to stay with her current agency.

According to MSTeam Entertainment, despite there still being a bit of time left in her 2008 contract with the agency, Lee Min Jung has decided to renew her contract.

Lee Min Jung first got her big break through Boys Over Flowers, not long after signing her initial contract with the agency, and has since gone on to star in a number of dramas and movies with KBS’ Big being her most recent work.

Lee Min Jung expressed her gratitude towards the agency saying, “[MSTeam Entertainment] is an agency I am grateful for and that has helped me come to where I am. Above all, the agency’s operation style, allowing actors to focus on their work while showing tremendous affection for them, made me decide early on to want to continue with them.”

MSTeam Entertainment also shared,” Lee Min Jung is an actress we are thankful for and has shown tremendous progress through our four years of great partnership. We are happy she has decided to continue with us. We will continue to show unwavering support in helping her make a meaningful career as an actor.”

Source : Enewsworld


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